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I’m always happy to welcome new people, who are interested in what I do and willing to become part this project! If you like the magazine and you feel you could contribute with one or more articles, write me at and tell me something about you.

What are your main interests? What would you like to write about and why?

Together with a brief presentation, please think about three topics you’d like to cover and explain how you would develop each of them into an article. If the proposed topics are in line with Arsenale’s content and style, you’ll be asked to pick one of them, write an article and submit it by mail. I’ll give you a feedback as soon as I can.


Write a mail to, attaching a post in Word (or Pages, if you work with Mac) format. Please, don’t send PDF files. Articles are normally published in English and Italian, but if you don’t speak Italian, feel free to submit your article in English. If you speak Italian, please write your post in both languages and send it with two separate attachments – English and Italian.

Please note that confidence in English writing is essential.

Any image you’d like to include in your article can be attached together with your e-mail, as long as you specify its source. I do really care about the visual image of the magazine, and consistency with our style is essential in selecting photos and illustrations, so keep in mind that the final layout of the published article might include different pictures.


Send me a press release, a brief presentation or any other documentation, together with a link to your website or profile, so that I can take a look at your work. The #FollowFriday articles are specifically dedicated to young artists and new projects I’ve discovered through social media, so you might wanna follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Please note that I’m not a full time blogger, so I have to combine the time I love spending on Arsenale Creativo with the time I dedicate to my job. Please don’t get upset if your project is not featured on the magazine immediately, I’m doing the best I can.

For these and other inquiries, please write at, thank you!