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I am a real sucker for YouTube videos. Probably because there’s pretty much nothing on TV and I only follow one series or two, I spend hours on YouTube, watching fashion hauls and following beauty gurus. Fran Meneses, though, has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, she’s an illustrator. Fran’s illustrations are ironic, geeky and feminine, without being too girly. She has a preference for reddish hues and the Japanese inspiration is quite clear. Over the years, however, she has developed her own personal style, which incorporates elements from Disney’s old cartoons and other artists and designers she admires.

Her YouTube channel – Frannerd, which is also her signature name – is a quirky and lovely ensemble of her work and personality. She talks about her favorite paper, her love for watercolors, cats and Ed. “Cartas a Ed” (“Letters to Ed”) is a  video-diary of her everyday life, with episodes that are connected to the periods she spends separated from her husband, who sometimes travels abroad. If you are an illustrator yourself, if you like drawing or simply love art, you’ll enjoy her videos about pencils and notebooks, but you don’t need to be an illustrator, an expert or a drawing amateur to fall in love with Frannerd: each Letter to Ed is a poetic, romantic and beautifully-edited pearl in a sea of long, boring, ordinary vlogs.

Pictures from her Instagram account @frannerd

Visual Nazi / Creativity Lover / Barbie Content Marketer I love old and new media, collect indie magazines, listen to hipster music, appreciate good typography, enjoy romance and thoughtful chromatic combinations. I hate: old thinking and badly filtered Instagram pics.


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