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Keith Haring: Prehistoric Art

Keith Haring: one of the most important artists of the phenomenon known as American Graffiti Art, the artistic 20th Century avant-garde trend of that communicates with the prehistoric graffiti and with all aspects of the so-called “primitive” art. For my first article I decided to go back to the very beginnings of art, and it is the aspect of tribal Keith I want to emphasize.

Haring represents the highest meeting point between modern graffiti and cave paintings, his clean and decided sign, without remorse, recalls ancient mythological figures that always affected the imagination of humans. Great witness of his age, the writer of Kutztown, meets the anonymous street graffiti bands becoming part of them, and combining what he learned during his studies with the wild decorativism you breathe in the metropolis. Assimilates, digests and reinterprets with extraordinary power a new dimension of Graffiti Art!

Keith Haring02

The big black boxes, intended for advertising, take the place of the walls of ancient caves where a faint trace of white chalk draws the first characteristic subjects of a long series that will soon shatter the limits in which they are originally conceived, expanding to every corner of the Big Apple, demonstrating that painting is an art of space, not time.

Barking dogs, radiant boys, angels, monsters with mechanical heads, the symbol of the dollar, which often becomes an icon of an evil god that captures us with its fascinating power. A shrill explosion of shapes and colors that awakens primal sensations in the viewer.

“The radiant boy”, he calls them, stick figures of men and women who bring us immediately to the earliest depictions engraved on the savage hard stone by our cavemen ancestors: a sharp art rich with history, able to remind us who we are.

keith haring03

I’m Mattia Riami, 25 year old illustrator and graphic designer. Fine art diploma at Istituto Statale d'Arte in Venice. In 2012 I graduated cum laude from IED Milano (European Design Institute) illustration and 2D animation course. Currently I am a Graphic Designer at UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON.


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