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Malababa: shoes staples for the Spring Summer seas...

Malababa: shoes staples for the Spring Summer season

When I think about Spain and fashion, I often have the feeling that Spanish designers just can’t deal with color. They love to, way too much, but they just can’t. It’s also true, however, that Spain is a country with a long history in shoe-making and leather craftsmanship; luckily not every brand is like Custo Barcelona or Desigual and you can find some gems just like Malababa.

I’ve never heard this brand – my bad – before spotting an amazing pair of leopard-printed pumps on Instagram. The brand was actually founded in 1997 and, since then, it has been growing steadily, first in Spain and, later, abroad. Malababa’s color range focuses on neutral, earthy and muted tones, with few pops of bright shades, which give a sense of effortless elegance, with a bit of a fun twist.

Malababa loves mid-heels

Shoes are my favorite Malababa’s product, especially the medium heels range. The Fedecuqui is a beautiful ballet slipper with a 4,5 cm heel. It’s available in different classic and muted colors, but also in glitter: looks lovely, seems comfortable and, considering it’s leather, it doesn’t even cost too much.

My favorite, however, is the Paloma model: 5,5 cm heel, leather lining and wood lined heel. Clean lines and a soft vintage touch: I love the fact that the pump’s shape has a light 80s feel, but doesn’t go way too “hard revival” like other brands that blindly follow the trend. This blue-grey version with the wooden contrast heel is a perfect Spring staple.

Paloma Malababa

Going into a more Summer-y vibe, the Franny is my favorite sandal within the range. While I usually don’t like sabots, I love the simplicity and the beautiful color choices of these ones.

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