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Her name is Anna, she’s 18 years old and she studies at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. Her Instagram username is moleculahowl: on her profile she posts the beautiful illustrations she makes on her Moleskine notebook. Each picture features a different drawing, whose mood and subject is connected with the surrounding environment. From a frozen lake to a flower market, from the streets of Moscow to a holiday in Morocco, every place and every moment are a source of inspiration.

molecula1 molecula2 molecula4 molecula5 molecula6 molecula7 molecula8 molecula9 mlecula10 molecula11

Visual Nazi / Creativity Lover / Barbie Content Marketer I love old and new media, collect indie magazines, listen to hipster music, appreciate good typography, enjoy romance and thoughtful chromatic combinations. I hate: old thinking and badly filtered Instagram pics.


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