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Peaceful Cuisine

His name is Ryoya Takashima and he’s from Japan. I discovered his channel – Peaceful Cuisine – completely for chance, as I normally don’t look for cooking videos on YouTube. His videos, however, totally stunned me: lighting and focus are just perfect and I love the almost obsessive care of every detail.

I think that the most interesting about Peaceful Cuisine YouTube channel is that it’s really about cooking, nothing more, nothing less. No need of fancy music or too many words; the art of creating something beautiful and tasty from simple, natural, vegan ingredients speaks for itself, and it does it at best in the ASMR version of Ryoya’s videos.

According to Urban Dictionary, ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – is a physical sensation which can be defined as a pleasure tingling that begins in the head and moved down the spine, through the limbs. This sensation can be aroused by several gestures, such as whispering, hand movements, brushing sounds, etc. So, the ASMR version of Ryoya’s videos don’t feature any music, letting the viewer enjoy the sound of toasting nuts on a pan, melting chocolate in a casserole, measuring a cup of brown sugar, and so on.

If you wanna know something more about Ryoya and his choice of becoming a vegan chef, I suggest you this interview on Llama Post, in which he explains that he never tries to convince other people to become vegan. Instead, he prefers to show his eating lifestyle through his YouTube channel, offering food alternatives that are not only healthy to eat, but also joyful to cook.

People can choose their own relationship with food. It is entirely their own choice. We all have freedom to choose how we live. But it is important to take responsibility for your own health. Blaming other people for your own choices is not a smart idea.” And I think this is something that goes way beyond the choice of eating animal products or not.

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