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I know it could be embarassing but I must confess my passion for this telefilm, I’ve just finished a streaming marathon and watched the last episode, when the identity of Gossip Girl is revealed and they live happly ever after.

Anyway, this is an article about product placement and instead of lauding Serena van der Woodsen and her looks I should write about the incredible number of products mentioned in the series.

As you already know if you are a Gossip Girl’s passionate, this is a teen tv series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. It has been set in Manhattan, precisely in the prestigious Upper East Side and the characters belong to the New Yorks elite, whose fixed thoughts are parties, brunch, shopping and balls: in what background could be easier to place products? It has been a great occasion for a lot of brands and I don’t think to exagerate saying that brands are non-stop mentioned. High fashion such as Gucci, Prada, Louboutin, YSL, Chanel or Jimmy Choo and hi tech products branded by Apple, Windows or Hp are just some examples. Here I’m going to present the 3 best product placement moments.


It’s season 5, episode 8. Blair is going to get married and her bestfriend Serena has organised a special party inspired to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’. Ladies look like Audrey Hepburn and the decorations are light blue. Does this color remind you something in particular? It’s definitely a Tiffany party. Serena announces a sort of game: every female guest will receive a Tiffany box but only one contains a diamond ring. Who will be the lucky girl?



Blair’s wedding is coming up and as every respectful wedding celebration, what’s the most important thing for a bride? The dress of course. And what better showcase for a designer? Vera Wang is the elected and what’s more she makes her appearance in the episode. The dress? Simply amazing.



Product placement seems to ring around Blair’s character and it’s partly true, being the most influent girl in the Upper East Side. Macarones are mentioned over and over during the whole series because they are her favourite sweets. Every time she is sad she goes to Laduree, a scene has even been shot in front of one shop. A normal girl console herself with tons of icecream, a Manhattan girl eats macarones, c’est la vie.


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