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Watercolors and three-dimensional tattoos: Sasha U...

Watercolors and three-dimensional tattoos: Sasha Unisex

Based in St. Petersburg, Sasha Unisex is one of the most interesting tattoo artist of her generation. Her technique and style is so unique and distinctive that it immediately got my attention: minimalist design, geometric shapes with little or no outline and contrasting colors for a three-dimensional result.

sasha unisex 5

sasha unisex 6

She usually starts painting the tattoo on paper with watercolors and then she replicates it on the skin. I love how the soft, blended hues typical of water painting combine with the sharp lines of the pictures she creates. Her favorite subjects are animals, flowers and other natural elements but there is no limit to her imagination.

[All the Pictures have been taken from Shasha’s Facebook Pace and Instagram account @sashaunisex]

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