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Wellies, not only a matter of dry

That’s the shoe of the moment, if twenty – thirty years ago we used to write messages and declarations on t-shirts, now our new canvas are wellies: printed, fluo, with the Union Jack, heels and no-heels, we have quite a wide range of choice to express ourselves properly, even with bad weather!

Nowadays you don’t need to be in Venice and experience the acqua alta (high water) to wear wellies. You can use them as key-style-factor in your outfit almost everyday. From a very specific and anonymous item that you were forced to wear because of the weather, wellies have turned out as a permanent part of designer’s collections: from Dolce & Gabbana to Burberry, not to mention the Jimmy Choo crocodile limited edition for Hunter. As always happens, when you have so much offer – hundreds of models, textures and colors – it’s difficult to make the right choice, picking something that represents your style.


If you are looking for some images or trend setter combinations in order to choose your pair of wellies, you have to cross the Channel and observe the UK – they have the longest experience and knowledge concerning the subject: Queen Elisabeth II and Kate Moss ironically made the same choice wearing Hunter, classic shape – a little aggressive if you want – versatile for sure if they suit well for both THE fashion icon Kate and Her Magesty! Talking about Kate… Middleton seems to snob Hunter, and prefers instead a more expensive and chic label: Le Chameau Chasseur, what a betrayal to her country!


But he IT Wellies this season are definitely the ones from Loeffer Randall: short, with a fine shape – the perfect compromise between comfort and style. The alternatives are more than you can imagine: Sergio Rossi shows us you don’t have to give up to elegance in exchange for PVC; Aigle preserves his tradition in hunting without giving up to style, they propose a new shorter shape, more suited to the city-life.

We gave you just some solutions and suggestions, now it’s your turn, just be careful to not get wet!


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