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QUID Project: eco-chic from the best Made In Italy

QUID Project: eco-chic from the best Made In Italy

When the desire to create something with a social meaning meets the passion for the latest trends, the result is an ethical fashion project like the one created by QUID Project. Born as an association for social promotion QUID Project aims to empower women with a history of fragility and unease. Empowerment which takes shape into activities that respond to the latest market needs and  stimulate their active participation to aesthetics and originality. The tailors who manufacture new clothes out from textiles recycled from the best Italian products, are able to go back to a real working environment.

QUID Project starts in 2012, thanks to the initiative of five friends, in love with fashion and interested in give their contribution to the society. Over time, the original team grows, new creative minds offer their contribution and today that group of friends counts 14 collaborators.

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QUID Project: a sustainable atelier

The network of the brand partners selected by QUID Project is strictly local: the Italian atelier is founded on the values ​​of environmental sustainability and recovery, combining market values ​​and social values ​​into a single universal concept. Exclusive items, pieces which can easily complement both a casual and elegant look, all marked by the QUID Project label, a mark of their uniqueness and human value.

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